Marketing Research and Strategy
Curb Appeal Marketing’s core business is marketing strategy for businesses. We can work with your business to identify your target markets, conduct research to validate concepts, implement advertising campaigns, manage social media, plan events and more.

Interactive Virtual Tours
Curb Appeal Marketing has been photography and 360-degree interactive virtual tours for over four years. Through a proprietary Google process or through special software, we create interactive virtual tours of your business that will give potential customers their first experience with you. We like to say that the web is now the new front door of your business. Users can click to advance through the building and can look up, down, and side-to-side at any given time. There is nothing hidden from sight and the user can get a feel for the layout of the business.

When embedding these virtual tours on your website, you create an interactive and sticky element to the site that keeps visitors longer and more engaged. This is known to increase search engine rankings. Visit www.CurbPics.com/Clients for more sample Google Business View tours.



Panoramic Photography
A panoramic photo is a photograph that is made up of several photos from multiple angles that have been stitched together. The pano will showcase 360 degrees of your business in a single photo and can be taken one of two ways. First, the photo can be completed in a sequence around a single center point or it can be completed in one single shot by using multiple cameras or special 360-degree cameras. These photos lend themselves well to social media cover photos, webpages or print advertising photos as the width is approximately twice as wide as the height of the photo.

Chanteclaire Farm Panoramic Photo

Chanteclaire Farm offers a spectacular, rural setting for special events.

Stock and Portrait Photography
We have completed numerous photoshoots for our clients. While we specialize in landscape and virtual tour photography, we have taken photos that typically serve as “stock” or supporting photography for marketing related pieces.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Keyword Strategy
The process of search engine optimization helps to organize the entire internet in such a way that the end-user finds exactly what he or she is looking for as easily as possible. When it all boils down, website search engines like Google or Bing are computers running complex formulas. So, while a human can recognize certain elements on a website, the computers have a more difficult time.

We have come a long way and the computers are better than ever but taking some time to optimize your website will help those Google computers learn about and include your website in searches much more easily. In addition, to finding and ranking your website, take some time to develop your local search and consider keywords that will help to rank your website higher than your competitors’. Most importantly, have your content seen by your customers and potential customers. Contact us for a free business check.


Aerial Photography
Aerial photos are taken by a remote controlled quadcopter that allows me to safely maneuver and take photos between 0-400 feet in the sky. I follow all current regulations and capture the unique angles of your business. Aerial photos done this way are much more affordable than hiring a helicopter photographer and can offer photos that are comparable in quality. These photos are often used in print or digital marketing materials to showcase proximity of your business to area attractions or events.

Laker and Garrett Hall

Laker and Garrett Hall

Laker Hall

Laker Hall at Garrett College

The Lodges at Sunset Village

The Lodges at Sunset Village

Baseball Field

Baseball Field at Garrett College


Websites | Branding | Copywriting
We do website development with a  focus on creating the look and feel for a company including copywriting.



Website, branding and logo for www.YieldingStrength.com: the client wanted bright and fun colors and also wanted her business to strongly represent her Christian faith and family.

Jack & Jill Menswear

Jack & Jill Menswear

Website and virtual tour for Jack & Jill Menswear: the client wanted a website to depict his masculine, yet classy, store with brands that are unique to his stores in West Virginia.


Logo Design
In any logo design, we get to the essence of the concept, ideal and emotion you would like to convey to your customers. Keeping it as simple as possible is important as you will use your logo across mediums and in one-color reproductions.

Delaine's Deep Creek

Delaine’s Deep Creek
We ran with the idea that everyone truly loves Deep Creek Lake, MD and the way of life here. When branding a local real estate agent’s company, Delaine’s Deep Creek, we developed a play on words with “Your Key to the Good Life” and purchasing a home at the Lake. Memories are forever and #lakelife is amazing here.

Yielding Strength 
The concept of “Yielding Strength” and the water droplet logo was used on the website, business cards Facebook page and team tank tops for our client. The idea behind the water droplet is that the coach is merely a tool used by God to share His love and His plan. His work nurtures us much like tending to crops on a farm and there is a nice contrast with the words yielding and strength.o

RWB Innovationsrwblogo
We took a “must-have” concept of patriotism for
a local gunsmith and incorporated it into a simplified red, white and blue logo for use on his website, business cards and company sign.

hattitudelogoHattitude Sport Fishing
We took the most popular fish off Hatteras Island and the boat name, the Hattitude, to create an exciting logo that was used on the website, t-shirts and stickers.


Promotional Video
Promotional videos of varying lengths can be used to showcase your business and/or the environment in a way that captures attention and garners engagement. Many users are expecting videos and can handle data rates on tablets and mobile devices. Watch the quick videos below:


Project-Based Work
We are also excited about unique projects and innovative ideas. Contact us today!