Why Curb Appeal Marketing?

Curb Appeal Marketing is your local Google photographer. We want to help showcase your business to potential customers through a 360-degree virtual tour and search engine optimization. We offer a money-back guarantee if your professional photos do not meet Google’s quality standards.


What Will I Get?

We offer a variety of plans to meet your business’ specific needs but, at a minimum, you will have a 360-degree virtual tour that can be embedded into your website or on social media. The 360-degree tour is a series of panoramic photos stitched together in a proprietary method taught by Google. You will own a copy of the panoramic tour photos as well as any additional professional photos that are taken. Additional search engine optimization services are available on a subscription basis.

How Does a Virtual Tour Help My Business?

#GoogleLikesGoogle. When you take the time to create a robust Google My Business page and add a 360-degree virtual tour, Google search is more likely* to rank your business listing higher in local search. As part of a detailed search engine optimization strategy, an insider’s tour can create content to be shared from your website and social media.

Why Can't I Just Upload My Own Photos to Google?

Working with a Google photographer allows for an approved and endorsed tour that takes advantage of the Google’s proprietary StreetView technology and quality standards. Curb Appeal Marketing has been trained and verified by Google to upload directly to Google’s processing system and integrate with the existing StreetView maps. Tours and photos uploaded through Curb Appeal’s connection will also have Google’s logo on the images.

What is the Cost for a 360-Degree Virtual Tour?

A typical photoshoot is priced depending on the size and complexity of each business. Prices include travel, set-up, photography session, moderation and connection with Google StreetView maps and start at $199 for the smallest businesses.  This is a one time fee and there are no ongoing charges for maintenance.

How Long Will the Photo Shoot Take?

In most cases, a photo shoot will take about an hour, but it varies depending on the size of your business.

How Do I Prepare My Business for a Photo Shoot?

The intent of adding a tour to Google is to give potential customers an inside look of what they would expect if they visited the business on a normal day. No special cleaning, lighting, or preparation is necessary and we will schedule the photo shoot as to not disrupt your business.

Will Google be using this imagery in other applications besides Places pages?

Google may use these images in other products and services in new ways that will make your business information more useful for users online. For example. further integration with GoogleMaps will allow customers to find these images from the 360-degree StreetView imagery of nearby roads for many locations.

Can I Embed My Virtual Tour and Photos on My Business Website and Facebook Page?

Yes! We encourage you to share the inside-look across the web and we will assist you in doing this where possible. Once the tour is published, you may use embed codes directly from Google Maps or, for more customization, you may use the Google Maps API.

*not guaranteed

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