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I’d like to share three marketing tasks that you can do today to will dramatically help your product or your service business!

Clearly defining these three elements will serve as a lynchpin to creating your overall marketing strategy:

1. Define your best customer (in detail!)

Let’s take a minute to think about your best customer. This ideal person would be someone who is the most likely to just “get” you. He or she has a need  for your products or services and will pay!

Ask yourself the following:
-How old is you customer?
-What occupation does your customer have?
-What are some hobbies your customer would enjoy?
-Where does your customer shop?
-What websites does your customer visit regularly?
-Which social media channel is your customer’s friends on?

This will help you know, very specifically, who it is you want to talk to in your marketing messages.

2. Define your products or services from the customer’s point of view

Yes, I know, it may seem silly (especially if you have been in business for a while) but you have to be laser-focused on what appeals to your customers. What is your core product?

What need(s) are you solving? Why would your customer choose you over a competitor?

Once you can clearly articulate what this message should be, you should include it in every marketing piece. If this “why” is not printed verbatim on each print or digital piece of collateral, it still serves as the key concept driving your business’ marketing and branding strategy.

3. Define your customer’s buying habits

When does your customer need your product or service? Is it after a significant life change? Is there certain event that has to happen in the customer’s life?

How often does the customer buy your product or service? Is it weekly, monthly, once every 10 years?

Once the customer makes a decision to buy, how long is a reasonable timeframe to receive the product? Is the need immediate?

Again, defining these 3 elements will set you on the path to create your product or service offering around those customers whom are truly the most likely to buy.

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